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This is a uniquely natural range of cloths, inspired by the desire to create a fabric that is classically beautiful, environmentally friendly
and very distinctive.

The whole range is made from naturally coloured British sheep fleeces, Jacobs, Shetland and Welsh Black.
lambswool jacketing.
One of our famous exquisite lambswool fabrics, this two ply soft twist yarn is top dyed and spun in Huddersfield by the finest UK woollen spinner, it creates an array of fabulous melange colours to work with.
Our highly skilled weavers take these yarns and weave them together without too much compaction, this keeps the soft to the touch feel.
slawit structured.
This exciting range of new wool cloths, in various weights and colours, will open up great opportunities for our customers to design with. The focus on quality in these ranges, all our yarns are spun from the very best in raw wool stock, top dyed and colours blended to give the strength and depth of colour you simply don’t get from package dye yarns.
luxury flannels.
While the phrase “a piece of old flannel” would lead you to believe it is a basic cloth nothing could be further from the truth.

Our ‘true’ wool Flannel, woven in a traditional Prunelle weave, is a beautiful soft cloth, smooth and light to the touch with a fabulous drape it makes very refined classic garments.
wool coatings.
This fabulous quality of cloths has, like many others we offer, come from a very historic basis, it is a combination of some of the dramatic Shetland and beautiful lambswool yarns that we are, so proudly, famous for.
donegal coatings.
The two yarns contain a richness and depth in structure and colour, the Donegal with its unique colourful variety of brilliant nep and slubs, then the Shetland with it variety of hue’s and melange colours so distinctive of this quality of fabric.
donegal jacketings.
Donegal tweeds are a classic fabric with a style and quality all of their own. Beautiful as it is, it has always been presented as ahard wearing cloth with a raw rather rough feel. Originally this was a product of coarse homespun yarns woven in the cottages of this fabulous costal area of Ireland. Warmth rather than quality of handle was the main
Our fabulous Melton double cloth is made from the recycled fibre generated in a high quality worsted spinning mill. Though exceptionally high in quality this by-product cannot be reused in true worsted process and has to be spun in a secondary semi-worsted spinning process to make full use of the fibre which would normally be discarded. The result is a cloth of amazing feel and quality yet very affordable.
About marling & evans.

Marling & Evans are designers and manufacturers of England's finest traditional cloths. Created in the same mill for the last 25 years here at Upper Mills in Huddersfield Marling & Evans' woolens are world renowned for their quality, and a brand steeped in History.

Here at Marling & Evans we are now showcasing our products and designs along with the services we offer here on site in Huddersfield.

Please feel free to contact us or pay us a visit at:

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